A desire to streamline the reference check process.

Veremark seeks to enable faster recruitment through intelligent reference checking. Global recruitment companies and internal hiring teams can validate CVs quickly and accurately, while job seekers can prove their value to potential employers and access faster employment.

Vermark empowers job seekers and HR teams and standardizes the reference check process with a streamlined solution.

No more long-winded emails and unreliable data.

Every company wants to hire the best people. To understand if a candidate is suitable for a job, the best way is to speak to the people they’ve worked with. But collecting references has always been a tedious, unreliable and time-consuming process.

Countless emails and a lack of standardization in checks meant this stage could delay the recruitment process for weeks or even months. And this would be repeated every time a candidate changed jobs. The world needed a solution.

Standardizing reference checks.

Veremark wanted to help recruiters quickly and reliably check candidates’ references, and help job seekers prove their credentials quickly and easily.

By combining intelligent reference checking and CV validation, recruiters can reduce hiring time and improve the quality of reference checks.

Indiez finds the ideal tech team

Veremark reached out to Indiez, and we discussed all the details of the project. With our global reach, we were able to identify the most suitable tech agencies with the ideal combination of skills, background and experience to deliver this highly specialized product.

We presented our three top recommendations and the Veremark team then chose their preferred agency.

The team started work straight away. Indiez monitored every aspect of the project using communications and collaboration tools, such as Jira, Slack, Asana and Trello, to ensure a smooth process with high quality standards and timely delivery.

Our recommended agency built the perfect app.

The tech team built a stunning web application that simplifies the whole hiring process. Recruiters only need to enter the name and email address of the candidate, and the job seeker automagically receives a notification to submit the details of their referees. The software does the rest!

Using the ready-made templates, it’s easy to validate a candidate’s credentials, assess their cultural fit and ask the right questions from the right people.

Transforming the hiring process.

The streamlined app our agency partner designed for Veremark enables easy and accurate collection of data, which then enables intelligent hiring decisions.

Veremark now operates as a premiere Software as a Service platform for HR managers, which makes reference checking a simple process and ‘empowers people to prove how good they are’.

Veremark integrates with the world’s top HR tools, speeds up the recruitment process, and leads to better, more suitable hires and happier teams.

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