The world's biggest pizza chain is transforming digitally.

The combined effort of discounted pricing and the convenience of ordering online helped Domino's surpass McDonald's by 2X to establish market dominance in Asia.

Digital has become their most critical channel, and as such, the organization is now going through a digital transformation in every aspect of its culture.

Today's mobile user has very high expectations.

With the advent of new food tech startups, such as UberEATS, consumers now have access to any restaurant at the click of a button.

Domino's is decidedly a super-brand, loved by many for its comforting food and 30-minute delivery times. However, the Domino’s app experience was inferior to the new-age UX, and attracted a lot of criticism from fans on the App / Play Store. Users complained the ordering process was slow and the interface wasn’t user-friendly.

You need the right people to build the right products.

Domino's had previously hired an accomplished founder and independent consultant to grow their digital products. Although he had a phenomenal grasp of digital in general, he lacked the food-tech knowledge, e-commerce experience and design skills to completely revamp the Domino's app. He realized the company’s existing design and technology agencies lacked the necessary experience to build a truly innovative product. That's where Indiez came in.

A dream team with an accomplished Design Director.

We analysed our treasure-trove of proprietary data to identify our agency partners with the right combination of skills to take on this specific challenge. After presenting our top three options to the Domino's team, they selected their preferred agency. The whole hiring process had taken just one week.

The chosen lean team comprised Product Manager, Design Director, and Product Designer. The Design Director had previously led the mobile-focused redesign of the country's largest $10B e-commerce company, and advised one of the world's leading restaurant and food discovery apps. The Domino's project was in expert hands.

A new way to build products.

Before the tech team could start work, they faced a major roadblock: they couldn't get access to the leadership team, whose role was critical. To ensure the project didn't lose momentum, the PM and Design Director flew to the Domino’s head office to expedite the process.

After gathering information from the stakeholders, the design process began. Our agency partner defined the product note and included a list of features, design tenets, priorities, and key metrics. They analyzed existing product funnels and user behavior in order to completely revamp the interface.

Indiez monitored the project from start to finish, ensuring quality and on-time delivery. We were in constant communication with both Domino's and the agency tech team to ensure smooth progress and that all expectations were being met.

The resulting product surpassed client expectations and modern UX standards, solving key problem areas, such as cart abandonment and customer support efficiency.

A measurable business impact.

The Domino's team continues to implement the UX recommended by our agency partner. The changes made reduced mobile abandoned carts by 10%, as users are pushed smoothly through the sales funnel. This has also led to a top-line growth of just over 1% - an unprecedented accomplishment.

6 weeks
Designers and Product Manager
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