Hiring and scaling in a way never heard of!

Hiring and building a team is hard and takes considerable amount of time and effort.

And when you are looking for your core team the bar is even higher!

At Indiez, our early traction strategy was- get the best of the best talent around us and businesses will follow. It was super tough for us to find community members initially. But now, we have access to probably the world’s best talent pool which we’re really proud of!

We love working with each and every member of the community! Every member is checked technically as well as culturally and hence is a 💎. However, the most fundamental thing about our members is that they share our purpose to build the #futureofwork.

Me and Ishan started Indiez out of a small garage. We bootstrapped and didn’t have a fancy salary to back us up. We were doing sales just to survive and pay for basics. We couldn’t afford to hire a person full-time to work with us!

However, founders can’t build everything on their own and we needed extra hands and certain skills to grow. We were scaling fast and needed to expand the team.

The story of Co-founders.

Amrose and Archit joined the community in our very initial days and went on to become the co-founders.


Archit is a good friend since years. He was in regular touch with us while Indiez was taking shape. He had phenomenal project management skills and wanted to move towards managing a product.

He joined Indiez as a community member and started doing a small project with us. When he experienced Indiez, he realised the amount of impact we can create and how we can change the world.

Couple of days into the project he realised, “Dude, this is huge!

This was pure serendipity as we were looking for a process expert and he had immense amount of experience in handling large teams and building processes at scale.

Few days into the role, he overhauled the processes and helped us build stellar software. Our project fulfilment experience has improved 100 times and the client satisfaction score has gone up from 7/10 to 9.4/10.

“I’ve always wanted to build amazing technology products- unfortunately, where I was working didn’t afford me that opportunity. But I knew I had it in me- I cleared 2 PM interviews with Indiez and started working with them. As soon as I completed my first project- I was hooked!

The ability to build cutting edge products- while working from Goa- what else could someone want. I put in my papers and joined up immediately to build the Future of Work.”


We had set out to build the technology company, however both of us lacked the expertise of building scalable technology. Amrose, a senior from the college was based out of the Bay Area. He joined the community in our very early days and started engaging with us while building a hybrid mobile application.

Ishan recalls that one conversation went deep into the “tech thought” of Indiez. We discussed a challenging problem statement of using technology to build the #futureofwork. Amrose brought really valuable inputs like building micro services and use of open source tools.

We started working together on few ideas and realised if we build our technology we can potentially change the way software is built in this world. And software is driving every industry on this planet and beyond!

A long technical roadmap, difficult problems to crack and a huge opportunity excited him to quit his high paying Bay Area job and join Indiez. He moved to India to build the #futureofwork full time.

“I always dreamed about working on great projects with great people from amazing places. Even before Indiez I would go and work remotely , but couldn’t do it consistently with the day job. When I first got to know about Indiez, I was skeptical but decided to give it a try and I was amazed by the interactions and the freedom.

After doing few projects and tonnes of discussions with the community I decided to leave my job and work on building the core technology powering Indiez and the future of work!!”

Core Team:

We work with ~15 community members very closely to build Indiez. We take help of our community members for almost everything that we do. The areas where our community members help us are — Technology, Design, Growth, Marketing, Operations, Business… Well, essentially everything.

Engineering — We are working with amazingly talented engineers from all over the world. Our team is located in Bengaluru, San Francisco, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Lagos and builds stuff every day!

Product Design — A senior interaction designer from the Bay Area helped us build a modern product with a very fresh design. Along with him a senior designer from Ukraine gave our product amazing visuals.

Operations — On our journey of building Indiez we worked with amazingly talented individuals. We carved out a role called ‘Fulfilment Owner’. These ‘Fulfilment Owners’ are a part of the community and work with Archit closely to build quality products.

Gatekeepers — Everyone who joins the community has to go through a rigorous selection process and our members help us with this. We mentioned about them here — Link.

Having said that, All Indiez main processes are implemented along with the community. Everything is discussed with the community before making it a standard.

Each and every member works extra hard and goes beyond the call of the duty to build something which is larger than themselves!

I’m thankful to Indiez for trusting in us and doing such a great job! We are all bound by the same purpose.

This is the #futureofwork!

Bunch of amazingly talented people coming together from all over the world to build something larger than themselves. Disrupting the world every day!

This is how we plan to scale Indiez as well! 😃 We will be engaging more and more community members for more and more core roles.

In fact, We have a rule of hiring that a person will have to be a community member before we hire them.

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